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FAQs: Interac® e-Transfers

How do I send one? Expand/Collapse

  • Login to Online Banking from a computer or mobile device
  • From the left-hand menu, click on the ‘Transfers’ link and then click ‘Send Interac® e-Transfer’. The first time you do this you may be prompted to create a user profile.
  • Select a recipient, or add a new recipient profile, by entering the person's name or business name, plus an email address and/or mobile number.
  • Add an option personal message but don't include the answer to the security question.
  • Select an account from which to make the transfer and enter the amount.
  • Send the e-Transfer. Your account will be immediately debited with the e-Transfer amount and the $1.00 e-Transfer fee.
  • The recipient will receive a text message and/or email containing a hyperlink to access the funds 30 minutes after the transfer has been sent.

How do I receive one? Expand/Collapse

  • Ensure the link received via email or text message offers a secure connection that takes you to a site with the 'https' prefix, rather than 'http'.
  • Click on the link and you'll be taken to a secure Interac® website.
  • Follow the instructions on the site to select ‘Carpathia Credit Union’ and click 'Deposit', and you'll be redirected to our Carpathia Online login screen.
  • Login to Carpathia Online to answer the security question.
  • After successfully answering the security question you will be prompted to either ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the transfer.
  • If you choose 'Accept', a drop down list will appear and you will then choose which account the funds should be deposited into. If this list is empty please contact us.
  • Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction or ‘Edit’ to make any changes. Once you confirm, the funds will be automatically deposited to your account . To print a receipt, press the ‘Print Receipt’ link.

How do I add a new recipient? Expand/Collapse

E-Transfers can only be sent to recipients that are setup on the e-Transfer website (accessed from the Carpathia Online site).

  • Click the ‘Add/Delete Recipients’ link and fill in the details. When complete, click ‘Add Recipient’.
  • Review the details and click ‘Confirm’ to add the recipient.
  • Please note that the security question and answer will remain the same for the recipient added until the sender decides to change it.

How much does it cost? Expand/Collapse

Cost to send an e-Transfer to a participating financial institution:  $1.00*

Cost to receive an e-Transfer:  Free

*The fee will be charged immediately and is non-refundable, even if the transfer is not completed. If the recipient does not accept the transfer or if the sender cancels the transfer the $1.00 fee will not be returned. Standard text message and data rates apply depending on your service provide and plan.

What are the sending and receiving limits? Expand/Collapse

Sending Limits

Maximum sending limit per transfer:  $3,000

Maximum sending limit per day:  $5,000

Maximum sending limit per week: $10,000

Maximum sending limit per month: $20,000

Receiving Limits

Maximum incoming limit per transaction:  $10,000

Maximum incoming limit per day:  $10,000

Maximum incoming limit per week: $70,000

Maximum incoming limit per month: $300,000

How to receive money directly into your account with Autodeposit Expand/Collapse

The Autodeposit feature allows you to have money sent via Interac e-Transfer automatically deposited directly into your bank account, without having to answer a security question. The Autodeposit feature continues to provide the value of Interac e-Transfer, without the need to share financial information.

For senders, there is added convenience of not needing to convey security answers while continuing to have the security of knowing who is receiving the funds, prior to sending.

How to get paid easily with Request Money Expand/Collapse

Easily request money you are owed with the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature. When you send a request for money, the recipient is notified instantly and can accept the request. If accepted, the requested amount will be automatically deposited into your account and you will be notified when funds are available.

What if the recipient cannot answer the verification question? Expand/Collapse

The recipient will have 5 attempts to answer the security question that the sender has setup. If the question is answered incorrectly 5 times, the e-Transfer is cancelled, along with any other e-Transfers between the two parties. The $1.00 fee is not refunded.

What if the recipient’s information was entered wrong? Expand/Collapse

If an email address or mobile number is incorrect, the e-Transfer will still be sent to the address or number that the sender configured. If the sender realizes this, the e-Transfer can be cancelled at any time by logging in to Carpathia Online, clicking the ‘e-Transfers’ link, and clicking ‘View/Resend/Cancel Pending Transfers’. If the email address or phone number is unreachable (i.e. does not exist), you will see that the Recipient Notification has been rejected in the sender’s e-Transfer page and the sender will receive a text/email message regarding the failure.

What happens when an e-Transfer is cancelled? Expand/Collapse

If an e-Transfer is cancelled either by the sender or receiver, the funds are returned to the sender’s account immediately. The $1.00 e-Transfer fee is non-refunded.

Can I view pending or past transfers? Expand/Collapse

Log in to Carpathia Online and click the ‘e-Transfers’ link on the left-hand side. From here, you can click the on links to view transfer and pending transfers information.

What if the recipient does not accept the funds in time? Expand/Collapse

If an e-Transfer expires (30 days is the default expiry period), the recipient will receive an alert and the funds will be re-deposited to the sender’s account on the expiry date. The $1.00 fee is not refunded.

What if the recipient's FI isn't on the participating list? Expand/Collapse

An e-Transfer recipient can still receive funds if his or her financial institution does not participate in the e-Transfer program. When viewing an incoming e-Transfer, the recipient can choose ‘Other Options’ to setup an e-Transfer account with Interac. This option requires information from the recipient’s financial institution such as transit and account numbers, as well as a host of personal information.

What happens if recipient's FI doesn't offer this service? Expand/Collapse

Recipients can still receive the money by registering with Interac and providing their banking information. The deposit usually takes four to six business days and Interac charges a $4.00 administration fee, which is deducted from the total amount of the transfer.

What if I don't bank online, can I still deposit an e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

Yes, provided you have an account at a Canadian financial institution. However, you'll have to register with Interac and provide your banking information. The deposit usually takes four to six business days and Interac charges a $4.00 administration fee, which is deducted from the total amount of the transfer.

Why do text-message notifications come from 100001? Expand/Collapse

This is the short code from which all Interac® e-Transfer text notifications are sent.

Can I send an e-Transfer to a landline? Expand/Collapse

If you provide only a landline as the way to notify a recipient, you'll be informed that the transfer could not be completed. You'll need to provide new contact information – either a mobile phone number or email. If, however, you provide a landline and an email, the recipient will be notified via email.

Can I send an e-Transfer to anyone? Expand/Collapse

No. In order to send and/or receive Interac® e-Transfer, both senders and recipients must have accounts at Canadian financial institutions. The transfer must also be in Canadian dollars.

How long does it take to receive the money? Expand/Collapse

For recipients, it takes approximately 30 minutes for notifications to be received. As soon as the notification is received, the recipient can deposit the money. As a sender, the money is debited from your account immediately after finalizing the transfer.

What happens if I use an incorrect mobile phone number? Expand/Collapse

The notification will be sent to that phone number; however, that person will not be able to deposit the transfer because they will not know the answer to the security question. Recipients must correctly answer a security question before they can deposit the money.

Can a business send e-Transfers? Expand/Collapse

If the business requires only one signing authority, then they may get access to send e-Transfers. Fees and limits are the same for personal and business users. Any account that requires two signatures may not sign up to send e-Transfers.

What if I have a BlackBerry? Expand/Collapse

It is possible that users trying to send e-Transfers from newer BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q10) may get an error message stating:

Page cannot be accessed

Your online banking session has timed out OR

You do not have permission to view this page

This is likely due to COOKIES not being accepted by the BlackBerry device. To change this, log into Carpathia’s online banking site from your BlackBerry device. Once successfully logged in, click the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right of the BlackBerry browser and tap SETTINGS. Tap PRIVACY AND SECURITY on the next screen and slide the ACCEPT COOKIES switch to the ON position. Click the back button to return to the website and try again.
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