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FAQs: My Carpathia

What is My Carpathia? Expand/Collapse

My Carpathia is our mobile app which allows users to check account balances, check current rates, perform transfers, send Interac® e-Transfers, find the nearest ATM or branch to them, and more.

Where do I get it? Expand/Collapse

Our app is available for free for android and iOS users and may be downloaded from the applicable app stores.

Who can use My Carpathia? Expand/Collapse

All Carpathia Credit Union members and associates who are signed up for online banking may access the app on android or iOS devices.

Need to sign up for online banking? Please contact us.

Why won’t the 'continue' button work on the Login Info screen? Expand/Collapse

All fields on the Login Info screen must be completed in order for the 'continue' button to activate. Please check to ensure that all fields are completed and if not, contact us for support.

What is a Nickname? Expand/Collapse

A Nickname is a mandatory field when setting up your profile to help you personalize your app. It can be anything of choice and will display at the top of your app when it’s open.

What is a PAC? Expand/Collapse

Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is also known as a password. It is the same as you use to login to online banking.

If you do not have one, you will need to contact us to sign up for online banking.