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Referral Programs

Our Strength Comes From Our Membership

We have created two referral programs that encourage our membership to refer us to their friends and family; and both parties reap the rewards! All referral programs are unlimited and open to personal, business and organization memberships.

New Membership Referral

How It Works

Refer a new member and split $100 with them ($50 is rewarded to each party). A completed referral form must accompany individual in order to qualify for any $50 referral rewards.

The new member/associate must obtain a Carpathia package account OR sign up for a combination of two products listed below (at least one must be from List A):

List A (must choose one if a package account is not opened)

  • direct payroll deposit
  • open a Carpathia investment product
  • a Carpathia lending product (subject to approval requirements)

List B

  • preauthorized deposit to a Carpathia TFSA or RRSP
  • online banking
  • mobile banking
  • e-alerts
  • online statement viewing
  • preauthorized payment to a Carpathia lending product
All account openings are subject to Credit Union opening requirements, which  include a credit bureau check. Two pieces of valid identification such as a Driver's License with photo, a current Passport, or a Canadian Citizenship Card, must be on hand to open an account.

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When a new membership is opened the individual will be required to fund their $5 share, as per standard Carpathia membership opening requirements. We will waive the additional minimum required deposit amount for the referral program only, as the Credit Union will gift $50 as a thank you for opening an account with us.

All referral program rewards will be credited to accounts within 30 days of the new account opening.

Account holder must maintain an account in good standing for a minimum of six months or the Credit Union is authorized to debit the $50 thank you reward from the account.

The referred member/associate is entitled to receive the $50 thank you referral reward only if they are not already members of Carpathia Credit Union (no existing open membership can be found).

There is no limit on the amount of referrals one member/associate can complete.

New Mortgage Referral

How It Works

Refer a mortgage to Carpathia Credit Union and split $500 with the mortgage owner.

It's simple! Just follow these two steps:

  1. SHARE this offer with your friends and family
  2. If they are interested, COMPLETE the referral form
Once all conditions have been met, we will credit each party's account with $250.*

*Must meet all terms & conditions as set out below. Carpathia Credit Union Limited holds the right to withdraw the Mortgage Referral Program at any time.

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Mortgage Referral Conditions

i) The mortgaged property must be zoned residential.

ii) The offer applies to mortgages in first position only.

iii) Property types excluded from the Mortgage Referral Rewards offer are commercial property, industrial property, non-owner occupied property.

iv) The mortgage advanced must be a 3 to 5-year fixed term mortgage.

v) The amount of the referred mortgage must be a minimum of $200,000.

vi) If a further advance of over $200,000 on an existing Carpathia mortgage the applicant will qualify for the $250 reward.

vii) The Mortgage Referral Program is a limited time offer and Carpathia Credit Union Limited has the right to discontinue it at any time.

General Conditions

i) Membership & Associate Status

The referring party must be a member or associate of Carpathia Credit Union and must have reached legal age.

If the referred party is not an existing member/associate, they must meet all applicable requirements to become a member or associate of Carpathia Credit Union to be entitled to the cash reward.

Both existing and new members/associates are eligible for the referred reward funds.

ii) Standing

The referring member/associate must be a member in good standing on whom the Credit Union has not ever realized a loss.

The referred party must be a person on whom the Credit Union has not ever realized a loss.

iii)  Identity

The referring party must provide to the Credit Union all material information required to process the payment of the incentive including but not limited to: their full legal name and postal code.

iv) Referral Card

In order to receive any Incentive or Cash-back, the referred party MUST bring in a completed Mortgage Referral Rewards form. Where a form is not provided, and no member referred the borrower, at the discretion of Management, the Credit Union may elect to pay the borrower the Cash-Back portion only. It should be noted the program is a referral program that is paid on “new money” only resulting from the referral by an existing member or associate. Refinances on existing facility increases do qualify if incremental increase is over $200,000.

v) Membership Referral Program

All new members/associates are eligible to receive reward funds through the Mortgage Referral Program and the Membership Referral Program.

In order to qualify for the member referral reward offered through the Credit Union’s Membership

Referral Program the new member/associate must bring in the completed Membership Referral Form at the time of account opening.

Please see our separate Membership Referral Program guidelines for complete details.

Referring Party Incentives

i) The incentive to be paid when the application is made and the mortgage is approved. The new member/associate will receive funding upon advance of mortgage being disbursed.

Claw Backs

Closed Mortgage

If a Cash-Back Incentive is paid on a mortgage and the mortgage is paid out prior to the maturity of the term upon which the cash-back reward was calculated on, the Cash-Back reward paid by the Credit Union will be due and paid back in full to the Credit Union prior to providing a discharge of such mortgage.