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Wasyl Topolnicky Memorial Foundation Inc

The Wasyl Topolnicky Memorial Foundation was established to accept
applications for funding from charitable organizations that support the preservation,
promotion and advancement of Ukrainian arts, culture, heritage and education.

Wasyl Topolnicky is the father of the Ukrainian Credit Union movement in Canada. Observing
the financial difficulties of Ukrainian workers in the cities he understood that only mutual
assistance and mutual effort could teach the workers to help each other. He knew that
credit unions would form a firm economic base for the Ukrainian community by helping the
members in everyday life. He organized several co-operative initiatives including the first
Ukrainian credit union in the country - "Nova Hromada" (The New Community) - in Saskatoon
(1939) and Kalyna Co-operative in Winnipeg.

Carpathia Credit Union (1940) is proud to be Wasyl Topolnicky's second successful
co-operative initiative. At his request, the monies from his estate were to be used to
support the activities of the Ukrainian community.

The Board of Directors and Management of Carpathia Credit Union are honoured to
administer the funds on behalf of the Wasyl Topolnicky Memorial Foundation.

Click here for the Guidelines and Application form.

Valeyo Learning Grant


On behalf of Manitoba Credit Unions, Valeyo is pleased to award four learning grants,
$1,000 each, to students for full-time study at a qualifying college or university in 2021.

Eligibility Requirements
Any student who is a member of a Manitoba credit union is eligible to apply for a learning
grant provided they have received a valid high school diploma or will be eligible to recive a
diploma during the year of application. These grants are also open to first-year
post-secondary students !

All Learning Grant applications must be accompanied by:
1. An official transcript of final results of all high school credit courses to date
(or post-secondary results if applicable).
2. One letter of reference from school principal, teacher or professor/instructor
3. An essay of 500 words or less OR a three to five minute video. Be sure to describe
your achievements including academic, artistic, athletic skills as well as commuity
involvement, leadership and education goals.

The grants are awarded based on a number of factors including academic achievement,
artistic/athletic achievement, community involvement and leadership displayed.

Click here for more information and to download the application.